List of Documentation needed to request deferred action under new policy.

About Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) – what we know as deferred action or administrative relief.

At the time there is no application available and nothing we can really do but to gather the information that would be necessary when there is a process available to the undocumented youth who meet the requirements.

Remember USCIS and ICE have 60 days from the day of the announcement to establish a process.

Here’s a list of documentation you should start thinking about and organizing that will be needed to process a person’s request for deferred action.

A. Questionnaire (provided by a lawyer’s office, to be filled out by you & returned to them.)

B. Two passport photographs (current)

C. Copy of passport biographical page (the one with your photo and information) & ANY visa.

D. Copy of birth certificate

E. Cope of marriage certificate or divorce, if applicable.

F. Copy of every court case on record

G. Copy os school records – transcript, proof of enrollment, report cards, awards from high school and college

H. Copy of diploma or GED (if applicable)

I. (For formers members of the Military or Coast Guard) – Copy of DD-214 indicating Honorable Discharge

J. Proof of Presence before June 15, 2007

Also, as much as possible of the following information:

– Tax returns field on your behalf dating to 2006
– Past leases, receipts, records dating to before that date
– Affidavits from relatives, friends, teachers, employers, neighbors attesting to your presence.
– Birth certificate fo children and/or siblings that date before June 2007
– Photographs of you in the US before 2007
(This would help prove you have been in the country for at least 5 years consecutive.)

This is the latest info we have.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make comments below.


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