Call to Action: National Educator Coming Out Day

Dream Educational Empowerment Program invites you to join us on April 9th to engage in the first National Educator Coming Out Day.

This day is dedicated to educators who have stood in solidarity and have taken an active role in supporting undocumented immigrant students.

Moreover, this day is an opportunity for students to thank the educators that have been allies and celebrate each other’s resilience/accomplishments. We also invite you to engage your school and organizational leaders to take a picture with a graphic provided by United We Dream DEEP stating their support for undocumented students and post on your website/social media outlets on April 9th.


Ideas for National Educator Coming Out Day:

·         Take your picture with the attached template and post it via Facebook and Twitter.  Use  #educatorsOUT  & #uwdDEEP.

·         Join KDC Facebook page!

·         Join the UWD DEEP Facebook page and share how you support undocumented students:

·         Host an event at school or on campus that provides a space for educators to share their experiences in supporting undocumented students and importance of doing so;

·         Host an event where educators can share their best practices;

·         Provide a lunch that celebrates educators and students as well as give them both the opportunity to engage other educators;

·         Provide a brochure/1pager of Q&A on how your school/organization supports undocumented students;

·         Write an op-ed or blog about your support of undocumented students through your school’s/organization’s efforts;

·         Engage staff in a reflection on the importance of supporting all students.




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