Call to Action: National Educator Coming Out Day

Dream Educational Empowerment Program invites you to join us on April 9th to engage in the first National Educator Coming Out Day. This day is dedicated to educators who have stood in solidarity and have taken an active role in supporting undocumented immigrant students. Moreover, this day is an opportunity for students to thank the educators […]

Latinos by nature, Kentuckians By Heart

We are Latinos, immigrants, dreamers. Born in a Latin American country to parents who would one day make a choice to change our lives for the better. Who we are today is because of the obstacles we learned from, the challenges we mastered and the most of all, the victories we conquered. We are proud […]

Obama’s speech on his “comprehensive” immigration reform plans

“First, I believe we need to stay focused on enforcement. That means continuing to strengthen security at our borders. It means cracking down more forcefully on businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers. We need to implement a national system that allows businesses to quickly and accurately verify someone’s employment status. Second – we have to […]

Memorable quotes from Obama’s speech on immigration. Jan 29, 2013

“Now is the time to do this so we can strength our economy and this country’s future.” “One in four in small-business owners were immigrants.” “Keeps workforce young, keep country cutting edge” “Today we have an immigration system that is out of date, and badly broken” “Yes, they broke the rules, they crossed the border […]

Originally posted on Immigration Reports:
After the USCIS issued its supplemental DACA guidance yesterday, which included FAQs that stated individuals granted DACA are not considered to be “unlawfully present” in the US, I received many messages from DREAMers, reporters, and others wanting to know what it meant.  Has the USCIS declared that deferred action confers…

Originally posted on NBC Latino:
Frustrated with Congress’ decade-long stalling on immigration reform, states are increasingly striking out on their own when it comes to benefits for college-bound undocumented students. Many state lawmakers have taken action to grant them lower tuition costs and financial aid while President Obama pressures Congress on his new immigration agenda. Earlier this week,…